Dorota Stanczyk combines her knowledge about art, consciousness and personal growth to create inspiring, transformational talks, keynotes and workshops all around the world. She not only teaches people how to tap into their biggest creative potential, providing specific scientifically and psychologically proven tools, in addition she also shows how to have a happier and more fulfilling life with full acceptance of who you are.



Conscious Creativity Keynote is about exploring the power of creativity; how to access our imagination and stimulate our deeper thinking. What influences our creativity, how do people perceive our ideas, and how mediums transform the message? The creative idea cannot only inspire and provoke but it can powerfully re-create reality, change human perception and belief, start a movement or transform our lives. Art is the most unlimited human expression when we allow ourselves to see things differently. Conscious Creativity reveals how we can transform ourselves and society through a deeper understanding of creativity and perception;  to question and doubt, to disagree, to express, to form, to translate, to innovate and to imagine.



I have been mastering last 10 year how to create an image. Brand Identity. And I also have been mastering how to create my own image. Crafting how people should perceive me or how I thought they should perceive me. I believed that my image was who I was. I started to believe in that image so much that I would use every single opportunity to confirm to myself that the image was real. When I would not fit in that image though I would punish myself for it. In the relationships we have a tendency to say one to another: “This is who I am” - “Accept it”. But, Do you really accept who you are? Do you accept when you feel sadness and disappointment or when you are not ‘good’ enough? Or do you try to escape that feeling as soon as you can, suppress it and change yourself.

The talk inspires how to marry yourself for the good and for the bad. How to love yourself unconditionally no matter how many people loved you or didn't. 

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Freedom from Self-Perception is a workshop about liberation from an image of ourselves that we hold on to, that limits us. We learn how to transform the idea of ourselves into intention and how to open to who we might become without rejecting who we are already. The workshop teaches how to let go of an image of who we think we should be and how to let go an image of who we think the others think we should be. Through three different exercises, the workshop reveals our hidden perceptions of ourselves and teaches us how to let go of them. It shows us how to find the comfort in the mystery and how to expand our vision of ourselves rather than limit it. The exercises programme our mind to unframe ourselves and to let go of planning what we should feel, think or have. It encourages us to give ourselves a radical freedom to experience who we truly are with a total acceptance of all our feeling. It creates a shift in perception necessary in order to truly love yourself and experience day to day happiness.



Dorota Stanczyk is a Polish visual artist, creative director, movie director, commercial and fine art photographer and designer. She completed her studies at the world-renowned College of Applied Arts ESAA Duperré in Paris.

To Dorota, art is instantaneous. She developed her taste for ephemeral design through her experience as a photographer and visual artist before transitioning into video direction. Upon her arrival to Paris in 2006, Dorota worked with brands such as Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Under the Influence Magazine and others. Her distinctive aesthetic styling enabled her to provide unique concepts for her highly visible clients. As a visual artist and video director, Dorota’s talent has been recognised through numerous awards, including Photo Awards for Creative Direction and Oakland Independent Artist’s Award for “Best Music Video.”

With a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures, Dorota has lived in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. Her travels were the inspiration for her 2013 worldwide art project, S.E.W.N. Into the World. S.E.W.N. (South, East, West, North) explores the liberty, equality, integration and union between people and the world.

After 10 years of working in Visual Arts, Dorota created MoonKava — a conceptual artistic brand with a unique, well-defined style. The brand combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create inspired, innovative designs and projects. Dorota believes that the greatest ideas are born from intuition, not from the process of rational thinking. 

In 2017, she became the Creative Director of Mindvalley, an online education and personal growth company whose values aligned with hers. She applied her artistic knowledge to support new, innovative learning approaches and led a department of filmmakers, designers, writers and content marketing specialists. She created media campaigns, inspirational movies, content and immersive experiences (A-Fest, Mindvalley Reunion, MVU) that united and empowered people to become the best version of themselves, spread positive change and create lasting impact on the planet.

She also starred in her first full-length documentary, Enhanced States of Consciousness, which examines how people can tap into their creative potential by reaching higher states of consciousness.

She led Mindvalley’s “Evolutionary Woman” gallery exhibit, inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard’s message: It Doesn’t Matter What Our Labels Are. It Matters What We Stand Up For. The project was published in Malaysia Tatler Magazine

At a personal level, Dorota has been studying relationships for over 10 years. She completed her first socio-spiritual book, Understanding Love, finally. The book critically examines relationships by explaining how people’s behaviours impact their relationships with family, friends and most of all themselves.