Art Project

Dorota Stanczyk, under the name MoonKava, creates Social Art Projects around the world in collaboration with different Artists, Designers and Filmmakers.

"Social Arts are a way of showing different issues and ideas with images and movies which push us to deeper reflection about the world. The only language I know well enough to communicate my visions of the world is the language of art. That is my way of talking, that is my push to unite people, that is my way to make the world a better place.

Dorota Stanczyk


S.E.W.N. INTO the world

S.E.W.N. (South East West North) is an art project that explores identity, integration and the union between people and our world created by Alexandra Mory-Bejar and Dorota Stanczyk.

Crossing photography, fashion, travel and philosophy, S.E.W.N. brings people together with their surroundings, encourages exploration and drives the S.E.W.N. message "We are all part of this Planet", "We are One".



Mirror of confusion is a Photography Project that explores two different perception of the world and two different visions of the society.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 17.06.17.png

disappearance OF SOCIETY

Disappearance of society is an iconic collection of photographs that explores the construction and the deconstruction of the world.