MoonKava is a conceptual artistic brand with unique, well defined style created by Dorota Stanczyk. The brand combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create inspired, innovative designs and projects. From the idea to the solution, MoonKava develops artistic inspiration into real world design.

MoonKava cooperates with artists and designers around the world to create art projects, innovative content, campaigns + strategies for lifestyle brands globally. 

Dorota Stanczyk is a Polish visual artist, creative director, movie director and speaker. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. She designs exhibitions, events and projects that help people to learn about their consciousness and self-expression and that create transformational experiences. 

She has worked with brands that include Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Under the Influence Magazine and others. Her distinctive aesthetic styling has enabled her to provide unique concepts for her highly visible clients. As a visual artist and video director, Dorota’s talent has been recognised through numerous awards, including Photo Awards for Creative Direction and Oakland Independent Artist’s Award for “Best Music Video.” 



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