MoonKava is a conceptual artistic brand with unique, well defined style created by Dorota Stanczyk. The brand combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create inspired, innovative designs and projects. From the idea to the solution, MoonKava develops artistic inspiration into real world design.

MoonKava cooperates with artists and designers around the world to create art projects, innovative content, campaigns + strategies for lifestyle brands globally. 

Dorota Stanczyk is polish visual artist, creative director, movie director, commercial and fine-art photographer and designer. To Dorota, art is instantaneous. She believes that the greatest ideas don't come from the process of rational thinking but from the enlightenment of intuition. She has developed her taste for ephemeral design through her experience working with video and photography. Strong lines and stark contrasts are her trademark. The diversity of her outputs has given Dorota Stanczyk a significant grasp of the endless creative opportunities possible when merging digital and physical arts.  Dorota Stanczyk studied at the College of Applied Arts ESAA Duperré in Paris. Upon her arrival to France in 2006, she began working with brands such as: Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Kinder Aguggini, Pinna Records, Under the Influence Magazine, FKDL Art, Sandrine Philippe ect. using her unique aesthetic styling to conceptualise a distinctive idea behind each project. In 2013, Dorota embarked on a Worldwide art project: S.E.W.N. (South, East, West, North) Into the World. S.E.W.N explores the liberty, equality, integration and union between people and the World. S.E.W.N. was completed in Europe, North America, New Zealand, Australia and Asia.